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If you’ve ever asked yourself any of the below questions, if so you have experienced The Sustainability Puzzle first hand.

“What does sustainability actually mean and look like in the real world?’

“How do I meaningfully teach about sustainability to my students?”

“How do I make sustainability education a part of my everyday classroom plan?”

“How do I find time and resources for sustainability education when everyone and every school is so busy?”

“Is teaching about sustainability just about being a ‘greeny’ and having a vegetable garden?”

“Is there more I can be doing besides turning my lights off for an hour or celebrating World Environment Day once a year?”

“How do I support my students navigate such a difficult and confusing topic to allow them to create a more sustainable future?”


What can The Sustainability Puzzle do for you, your school, and your students?

The goal is to empower teachers and students to take the steps that will work for them in their situations and settings to make a better future.

Creating a more sustainable future is one of the most important and relevant issues we as a society face. Yet the majority of people today struggle to define what sustainability looks like in everyday life. If the majority of adults struggle to articulate what sustainability is what hope do we have in teaching what it is to our students?

The Sustainability Puzzle will provide insight, ideas, resources, inspiration, and direction in how you can start to put the pieces of the puzzle together for yourself, your students, your school, and the environment.

Focusing on the doom and gloom of climate change and other overwhelming issues is not our thing, others do that so much better than I can. Instead, the emphasis will be on actions and strategies that will start to address the uniqueness and complexities of you, your school community, and the environment.

It is a super wickedly complex puzzle, yet if we all take action we will make things better.

Who is behind the Sustainability Puzzle? Some puzzle solving expert right?

Nope. I am a teacher.

I have had some successes and I have had some/more failures. And that is essentially what teaching and finding solutions to sustainability issues will be like. And I feel that it is very important that students expect failure in this journey, as failure is the best way to learn about such an important issue we all face.

My name is Daniel Short and I have been teaching and leading sustainability programs in the USA, New Zealand, and Australia for over 15 years. Over those years I have the first-hand experience of navigating the complexities that is sustainability education. I have seen numerous different things and attempted numerous things and I hope to save you time and pain along your journey. All that being said there still be time and pain required…

Teaching about sustainability is so much more than vegetable gardens, compost bins, recycling, and riding your bike to school. It is about the individuals knowing what works for them as a person so they can be healthy and content for the purpose of supporting and creating positive communities. And if all that happens the environment will be able to thrive.

I hope to add value and serve you, your students, and your school to find pieces of what I am calling the sustainability puzzle.

I hope you enjoy the podcast and blog, and if you have gotten this far thank you for your support.

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Thank you and I cannot wait to find out how you are solving the Sustainability Puzzle.


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