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It is important we don’t pretend solving the Sustainability Puzzle will be easy.  In fact, (as the title suggests) recognising the solution as more than planting a garden or having a recycling bin is important. And so the question stands… where to start?

This Super Wicked puzzle can’t be solved all at once.  Instead, it must be broken down into small chunks and those smaller issues addressed to create a critical mass of smaller solutions that ultimately lead towards meaningful and enduring change. Basically, looking at the world through sustainable eyes creates a never-ending landscape of small problems to solve.  And therein lies the beauty as educators – we have an infinite amount of smaller problems perfect for getting students involved in meaningful and impactful problem solving.

This podcast explores ideas, language, and strategies to begin helping your students to pick a personal, community or environmental puzzle to explore as a starting point. You might be surprised with the starting point I suggest you consider.

Thank you again for embarking on this journey with me – together we can add value and meaning to the experience of our students.


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