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Today as educators we are faced with numerous and different challenges in preparing our students for the future.

Me personally?  I believe in the capacity, talent, and motivation of both students and their teachers in working together to succeed in preparing for what is next. And I believe having students solve what I call the Sustainability Puzzle is the platform for a positive and more sustainable future.

As educators, we can redirect our thinking, energy, and efforts towards student exploration of how to positively shape the future by having them delve into what sustainability looks like in the real world for everyday people.

You may already be jumping to conclusions about where I am taking this, and yes vegetable gardens, recycling, compost, and light bulbs are part of the story. The key for me, however, is that those are only of the pieces of the solution.

To elevate the dialogue around sustainability beyond these areas is what we as educators need to do better if we want to prepare our students for an uncertain future. The key for me is to honestly and humbly provide ways for students to explore how they can positively influence their future and the future of their communities and the environment.

Good luck navigating what sustainability looks like in the real world and I am excited about embarking on this journey together. I am keen to promote dialogue around this topic, and as such would love for you to share your thoughts in the comments below.

By the way, launching your first podcast… OMG scary.

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All The Best – Dan

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