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As we journey to a better understanding of what sustainability means and looks like in the real world, a key step is to be able to clearly define what sustainability even means, and what it looks like in our lives and the lives of our student’s.  Giving student’s the opportunity to explore sustainability on a personal, community, and environmental level, encourages them to grow their toolbox of strategies, which then increases the likelihood of us solving such a complex puzzle.

It is important schools’ and curriculum allows teachers and students opportunities to navigate all the various parts of the Sustainability Puzzle.  There are already schools and teachers out in the world who are taking fantastic action, challenging assumptions, pushing boundaries, and taking this sustainability story to the next level.  I was fortunate enough to be involved with such a school for the past decade and it most likely the most sustainably focused school I will ever have the pleasure and privilege of working in.

And ironically, the experience of working at such a school really helped me to understand just how complicated and super wicked the issue of sustainability is in the real world.


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